Month: January 2020

Bollore: Streaming Music & Cash Flows

Bollore: Streaming Music & Cash Flows

We purchased Bollore, a two-hundred-year-old French conglomerate run by Vincent Bollore, for its two operating divisions: ports in Western Africa and a battery manufacturing business. We were primarily interested in Bollore's 25% stake in Vivendi, which owns the Universal Music Group.

The 8% – Ep 49

In a change of pace, this podcast will not discuss this stock market or the economy. Instead, Vitaliy writes about some very random, but still relevant topics - from his upcoming trip to Europe, to his new philosophy about helping his kids grow to be...

Daily Journal

Daily Journal

I started keeping a daily journal to see how journaling will impact what I write about. Writing down important conversations I have may allow me to explore them further on my own.

Cultural Calendar

Cultural Calendar

I listened to Tim Ferris’s interview with Neil Degrasse Tyson. There are a few insights that I got from this interview. You need to expose your kids to the world, so I set a day each month where I look ahead a month or two and plan our “cultural calendar”.

2020: Party Like It’s 1999? – Ep 48

Party like it’s 1999: this is how the stock market feels to Vitaliy today. No, there are no dot-coms, though temporarily we had dot-cannabis and dot-fake-beef bubbles which got popped. Growth stocks are incredibly expensive. Value stocks have...

Geofence Diet - The 8%

The 8%

In January I am going to attend a VALUEx conference in Switzerland and travel through Europe with my brother Alex and my son Jonah. In 2018 I started to pay attention to my health and geofenced my diet, pausing the diet only when I travel, which is 8% of the time.

2020 Stock Market - Party Like It’s 1999

2020: Party Like It’s 1999?

The 2020 stock market is experiencing a light version of the 1999 dot-com bubble, with growth stocks being incredibly expensive and value stocks underperforming. What will the feature bring?

The Market Right Now Doesn’t Care How Fantastic Your Stocks Are – Ep 47

The Roman philosopher Seneca wasn’t talking about the stock market when he wrote that “Time discovers truth,” but he could have been. In the long run a stock price will reflect a company’s (true) intrinsic value. In the short run the pricing...

I Don’t Eat Desserts – Ep 46

When Vitaliy got into his mid-forties, he landed in his own version of a mid-life crisis. Instead of getting a 20-year-old girlfriend or a red convertible, he started paying attention to his health. He was surprised to discover it was somewhat...