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Sep 15, 2022

In the recent COVID-fueled soaring market, one fund became the canonical example of investor hyper-enthusiasm: ARK. But investors have seen this movie before.

Just like the boom fueled by Y2K worries at the turn of the century, many stocks impacted by pulled forward demand will see a painful unwinding.

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Aug 25, 2022

Vitaliy writes his most honest and grim take on the Ukraine war yet. Whereas before there was a veil of pretense about what Putin's war in Ukraine was about (NATO, "denazification"), that pretense is now gone.

Vitaliy shares why this is a war of conquest, and raises the alarm bell for the rest of Europe.


Aug 18, 2022

This special episode features Vitaliy's conversation with Bill Brewster on The Business Brew Podcast.

They have a wide-ranging conversation that includes Tesla, tribalism in investing, inflation, how Vitaliy uses macro, the Dotcom 2.0 crash, and more.


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Aug 11, 2022

Vitaliy was so inspired by the questions from his Millennial Investing Interview, he decided to sit down and elaborate on them.

In this podcast, Vitaliy shares how COVID has changed value investing, what makes a company great, and the impact of China decoupling on inflation.


Millennial Investors podcast...

Jul 28, 2022

Some investors think the fewer positions you own, the cooler you are. Vitaliy recalls meeting investors at a conference years ago that had less than 8 stocks in their portfolios. Unfortunately, the financial crisis put them out of business.

In this podcast, Vitaliy explores the tricky subject of position sizing, and how...