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Apr 13, 2021

In this interview, Vitalily sits down with his friend Andrew Horowitz from the Disciplined Investor podcast. They discuss everything - from what value investing is (and is not), to whether you should take the Peter Lynch approach of investing in what you know, to the future of malls and ridesharing. Enjoy!


Apr 6, 2021

In this short podcast about family life, Vitaliy recounts a fun, and scary, trip to Laguna Beach that ends with an important lesson. Then, he recalls a teaching moment he had with his daughter Hannah, in which he got to share his love of spreadsheets and their usefulness. Enjoy!

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Mar 30, 2021

In this podcast, Vitaliy recalls his early 2019 trip to Europe. Written in the pre-COVID days, this essay takes the listener on a tour of a handful of random European cities, as well as a tour of random thoughts from Vitaliy.He muses on everything from impressionism, to Charlie Chaplin, to Masayoshi Son of...

Mar 23, 2021

In this podcast, Vitaliy talks with Michael Covel about all things Tesla. Getting into the weeds, the two discuss Tesla's profitability (or lack thereof), the nuances of the charging network and the engine, as well as prospects for ICE car makers to make the jump from gasoline to electric. Enjoy!

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Mar 16, 2021

Vitaliy was recently interviewed by the website What follows are a series of questions about him, his background, influences and habits. While he answered these questions truthfully, you shouldn't think that he doesn't have a lot of room for improvement. A more appropriate interview title would...