Month: August 2019

Personal Finance Advice That Changed My Life – Ep 27

One of the best wedding gifts Vitaliy received was lunch with his friend, Mark. Vitaliy reflects on the financial advice Mark gave me then and how it could help young people like his son Jonah settle into adulthood with a lot more forward-thinking....

Personal Finance Advice That Changed My Life

Today I am going to write about a topic I have never written about before: personal finance. I am writing about this not so much for you, faithful reader, as for my kids.

Beats and Misses, Seen and Unseen – Ep 26

Investors love focusing on short-term results, arguing that long-term success is built out of a series of short-term successes. But is that really the best way to invest? And if a company is focused on constantly beating quarterly metrics, is it a...

How Franz Liszt Has Revolutionized Piano and Classical Music – Ep 25

Imagine that Intel released a processor that was 100 times faster than anything made previously. An amazing invention on its own, but useless without software developers who could make full use of this new technology. In the 19th century, piano...

The Subtle Nuances of Softbank – Ep 24

Vitaliy's firm has been invested in SoftBank since 2015, despite the constant criticism of the stock. Why? In this episode, Vitaliy explores the loss of nuance amongst many of today's market analysts that leads to incorrect conclusions about company...

The Subtle Nuances of Softbank

The Subtle Nuances of Softbank

It seems that Softbank stock has been hated and misunderstood every day we’ve owned it – until recently.