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Jun 17, 2021

In this important podcast, Vitaliy continues his discussion of investing in an inflationary environment. He goes over a handful of strategies and ways to mitigate inflation risk, including investing in businesses with pricing power, capital intensity, and investing abroad.

He concludes with a short discussion of a new...

Jun 10, 2021

In this important podcast, Vitaliy explores the nuances of inflation, including when it may be coming, from where it might arrive, and how long it might be staying. He also discusses cryptocurrencies, our worrying government debt, and the economic elephant in the room.

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May 25, 2021

In this podcast, Vitaliy looks forward to his upcoming drive from Zurich, Switzerland to Nice, France, which he would do with his brother Alex.

The drive would take them through many charming European towns, and they would visit CERN, the advanced physics laboratory near Geneva.

Vitaliy reflects on what he and other...

May 18, 2021

This podcast shares an excerpt from a client letter originally written in 2016. Though some of the examples are slightly dated, many of them are just as true today as when they were written.

In some cases, even more so than before. As risk in the global economy has risen, not shrunk, since 2016, this article...

May 11, 2021

In this podcast about a family trip to San Francisco, Vitaliy draws on his memory bank to find some thoughtful lessons about parenting, culture, art, and learning from others.


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