Month: December 2019

Socially Irresponsible Investing – Ep 45

Socially responsible investing. Awesome! What’s not to love – your capital doesn’t just enrich your life, it also flows only to companies that do social good. The best features of capitalism and socialism wrapped into one nice tidy package. This...

I Left My Heart… – Ep 44

While Vitaliy loves to travel, he hates traveling alone. During a recent trip to San Francisco, Vitaliy and his daughter Hannah took in the sites and sounds of that great city. Hannah and Vitaliy got some amazing memories from this short trip, and...

RealVision TV interview - Market Risk & The All-Terrain Portfolio

Market Risk & The All-Terrain Portfolio

I sat down for an interview with RealVision TV to discuss IMA’s All-Terrain Portfolio, Tesla, Bitcoin, oil, the dollar, value investing, and more.

Bitcoin – Millennials Fake Gold – Ep 43

Vitaliy has been asked a lot about Bitcoin lately. But he hasn't said much about it publicly, because he finds himself in an uncomfortable position: agreeing with most mainstream financial media. For Vitaliy, the truth is simple and clear: Bitcoin is...

Interview with Tony Greer, Part 2: The Tesla Puzzle, Crypto, the Dollar, and America’s Bright Future – Ep 42

Part 2. Vitaliy and of continue their conversation for . In this episode, Vitaliy discusses the investment puzzle presented by Tesla, whether or not he owns the stock, the automotive industry, America's bright future, and more. You can also listen...

Is Tesla Apple? Is Elon Musk Steve Jobs?

Is Tesla Apple? Is Elon Musk Steve Jobs?

Examination of the potential success of Tesla, comparing it to Apple. What advantages Tesla has, and can Tesla become as successful as Apple?

Interview with Tony Greer, Part 1: The All-Terrain Portfolio – Ep 41

Part 1. In early November, Vitaliy sat down with of for an interview to be featured on , a widely respected financial thought leadership network. They discuss how Vitaliy constructs an all-terrain portfolio for IMA clients, and the role that the...

Is Tesla Theranos?

Is Tesla Theranos?

Tesla bears make the argument that Elon Musk is similar to Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos, who resorted to deception and fraud. What would happen to Tesla if something were to happen to him?