Year: 2019

Are Electric Cars Good for the Environment?

Are Electric Cars Good for the Environment?

Two-thirds of the electricity in the US currently comes from fossil fuels, but electric cars could cut CO2 emissions by over a third.

My Single Greatest Achievement – Ep 35

After dropping off his son Jonah at the airport for a gap year in Israel between high school and college, Vitaliy reads a letter from Jonah and reflects on what success really means. Since we only get a limited amount of time on Planet Earth, what...

Tesla’s Risky Gamble & The Future of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Tesla’s Risky Gamble & The Future of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Tesla's batteries are more efficient but more expensive to replace and require more attention to keep them running efficiently.

This Rocky Stock Market Requires an All-Terrain Portfolio – Ep 34

The past decade has been a smooth one for the market, but the road ahead is uncertain. Listen to Vitaliy explain what kind of portfolio is needed to survive whatever the future has in store for us in the upcoming years. You can read this article...

How EV Range Anxiety Will Give Way to an EV-Charging “Gold Rush”

How EV Range Anxiety Will Give Way to an EV-Charging “Gold Rush”

Range anxiety is a real concern for electric vehicle (EV) owners, but it is manageable. Charging with a 110-volt outlet can take three days, but a 220-volt outlet can charge the car in 10 hours. Capitalism will build out the charging infrastructure, creating more charging locations like grocery store parking lots.

My Crash – Ep 33

“You look horrible. You have bags under your eyes; your face has no color. Are you okay?” This is what Vitaliy's stepmother told him last week when he stopped by his parents’ house after work. Vitaliy felt worse than he looked. No, dear...

My Crash - Importance of Sleep

My Crash

I developed a bad habit of not sleeping enough while I was writing my mini book on Tesla and the EV industry, I felt exhausted and had difficulty concentrating. I researched the importance of sleep and how it impacts our health - both physical and mental.

Why the Gasoline Car to the EV is Like the Horse to the Car

Why the Gasoline Car to the EV is Like the Horse to the Car

The engine is the most complex and important part of the ICE car, and it is one of the least complex parts of the EV and, perhaps surprisingly, the least important one.

How a Stock Market Turns Investors Into Gamblers – Ep 32

What do a degenerate gambler and a stock market investor have in common? Vitaliy discusses this question, using a real estate example. You can read this article online at: 

Is Tesla Theranos or Apple? (Part 2 of “Tesla, Elon Musk, and the EV Revolution”) – Ep 31

In this podcast, Vitaliy further explores Tesla, electric vehicles, and the role Elon Musk plays in the company today and tomorrow. Can traditional auto companies disrupt themselves and catch up to Tesla? Is autopilot really viable? And is Elon Musk a...

The EV Paradigm Shift (Part 1 of “Tesla, Elon Musk, and the EV Revolution”) – Ep 30

You don't fully know a company until you buy its stock. This recently happened to Vitaliy, except he didn't buy a stock, he bought a car: a Tesla. In this episode, Vitaliy takes the listener under the hood of how electric vehicles represent a tectonic...

Tesla, Elon Musk and EV Revolution

Tesla, Elon Musk and the EV Revolution

In late June 2019, I bought a Tesla Model 3. Most people would just enjoy driving such a car. Not me – I wrote about it for two or three hours a day.

The Making of CAPITALISTIC PIG – Ep 29

When a young Vitaliy found out that a relative of his had secretly emigrated from the USSR to the United States, his first reaction was to brand her as a traitor. But years later, Vitaliy came to the US himself and never looked back. In this episode...

My Single Greatest Achievement

My Single Greatest Achievement

My son Jonah is taking a gap year after graduating high school and will spend the next two semesters in Israel. Before Jonah boarded the plane, we exchanged letters. What he wrote to me stands above anything else I have accomplished in my life. This is my single greatest achievement.

My Personal Manifesto – Ep 28

The book that has had the biggest impact on Vitaliy this past year is Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. He loved this book so much he read it twice – that was not enough. Then he listened to it twice on Audible. But to really...

Personal Finance Advice That Changed My Life – Ep 27

One of the best wedding gifts Vitaliy received was lunch with his friend, Mark. Vitaliy reflects on the financial advice Mark gave me then and how it could help young people like his son Jonah settle into adulthood with a lot more forward-thinking....

Personal Finance Advice That Changed My Life

Today I am going to write about a topic I have never written about before: personal finance. I am writing about this not so much for you, faithful reader, as for my kids.

Beats and Misses, Seen and Unseen – Ep 26

Investors love focusing on short-term results, arguing that long-term success is built out of a series of short-term successes. But is that really the best way to invest? And if a company is focused on constantly beating quarterly metrics, is it a...

How Franz Liszt Has Revolutionized Piano and Classical Music – Ep 25

Imagine that Intel released a processor that was 100 times faster than anything made previously. An amazing invention on its own, but useless without software developers who could make full use of this new technology. In the 19th century, piano...

The Subtle Nuances of Softbank – Ep 24

Vitaliy's firm has been invested in SoftBank since 2015, despite the constant criticism of the stock. Why? In this episode, Vitaliy explores the loss of nuance amongst many of today's market analysts that leads to incorrect conclusions about company...

The Subtle Nuances of Softbank

The Subtle Nuances of Softbank

It seems that Softbank stock has been hated and misunderstood every day we’ve owned it – until recently.