Month: February 2020

The Jet Lag Series -Should You Copy Your Heroes? - Lugano by Alex Katsenelson

The Jet Lag Series -Should You Copy Your Heroes?

Should you copy your investing heroes? I write about importance of learning from other investors while still trying to be you.

Me, My Boy and Warren Buffett – Ep 53

Vitaliy has a confession to make. Someday, he wants his company to be called Katsenelson & Kids. That doesn't have to be the official name, but he does want to work with his kids, whom he wants to become value investors. He knows he is supposed to...

The Jet Lag Series: Inhaling Europe - Rembrandt

The Jet Lag Series: Inhaling Europe

I was inhaling Europe on a trip to Switzerland and Italy with my brother Alex and my son Jonah. This was Jonah’s first time in Europe, and I really wanted him to love it as much as I do.

Little Moments, or How to Give a Great Speech – Ep 52

Vitaliy was supposed to give a presentation at a conference in Omaha, a day before the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. He was more nervous than usual. There were maybe two hundred attendees in the venue. A few minutes into his presentation, the...

Equinor: A Good Crisis is Never Wasted – Ep 51

When should you not buy commodity stocks? When you feel like you must own them. Vitaliy remembers when investors felt they must own oil stocks, when oil prices shot past $100 per barrel and everyone was convinced they were going to $200. Today oil...

Equinor: A Good Oil Crisis is Never Wasted

Equinor: A Good Oil Crisis is Never Wasted

Should you buy commodity stocks? The long-term outlook for oil is not brightand the current decline in oil prices will not last forever. If oil prices decline, Equinor may have to cut its dividend but will still be strong. If oil prices stay at their current level, there is some upside to the stock's valuation, and if they go up, they will benefit Equinor.

Bollore: Streaming Music and Cash Flows – Ep 50

We think of Vincent Bollore as the John Malone of Europe – his strength is in identifying undervalued assets, taking control of them, and unlocking value. Bollore owns 25% of Vivendi, the prime asset of which is Universal Music Group (UMG), the...