Month: July 2022

Position Sizing: How to Construct Portfolios That Protect You – Ep 160

Some investors think the fewer positions you own, the cooler you are. Vitaliy recalls meeting investors at a conference years ago that had less than 8 stocks in their portfolios. Unfortunately, the financial crisis put them out of business. In this...

This Week in Intelligent Investing Interview

In this podcast with Elliott and John from This Week in Intelligent Investing, Vitaliy outlines what he calls the Stoic Operating System, how he was able to connect with classical composers in their struggle for creativity, the power of the...

How Stoicism Can Help You Have Soul in the Game – Ep 159

Vitaliy dives deep into how Stoicism helps him on a day to day basis, discusses some Stoic heroes, and the link between mindfulness and Stoicism. Enjoy! You can read this article online here:    

How Stoicism Can Help You Have Soul in the Game

In my interview with “What is Stoicism”, I discuss how stoicism can help us improve our personal and professional lives.

Special Episode: Investors Podcast Interview

Vitaliy speaks with The Investors Podcast in this wide ranging and fun interview. Trey (the host) asks Vitaliy to compare 2022 to 2000, where he thinks inflation will show up next, what companies to own in inflation, whether beaten down tech names are...