Month: November 2022

Why Value Investing Requires Thoughtful Arrogance – Ep 169

Contrarian investing is inherently arrogant. You have the audacity to believe that hundreds or thousands of investors are wrong when you buy or sell a stock. How can you go against the crowd without it going to your head? Vitaliy explores the...

Why we bought more Uber shares as the stock fell – Ep 168

It has been a while since Vitaliy updated listeners on his Uber investment, but a lot has changed. With the pandemic now behind us, we begin to get a better sense of what the business looks like going forward. And the future looks bright. Our analysis...

Why non-transitory recession is coming and how to face it as an investor

Recessions are like forest fires – small ones are healthy for the forest. However, the longer you suppress fire, the more dead material the forest accumulates. Eventually, when it does pay a visit, it is more devastating and its effects are more long-lasting.The recession that is coming could be a big fire.

Curmudgeon on Cryptocurrency

Curmudgeon on Cryptocurrency

I share a story about when four separate people asked me about "investing" in cryptocurrencies, as well as my thoughts on Bitcoin and other crypto-assets.

The Slippery Slope of Student Loan Forgiveness – Ep 167

When the President decided to forgive $10,000 of student debt for everyone anyone earning below $125,000, he opened a very slippery slope of government bailouts. If we continue to borrow from the future, we run the serious risk of becoming a society...

Are housing prices about to drop? A value investor’s take

Inflation is on the rise in the US. So are the interest rates. So what about the housing market? Are we going to see housing prices decline? Read below to find out.

Random Thoughts on the Russian War in Ukraine (Hint: It’s Not Going Well for Russia)

The following is a loose collection of random thoughts and observations on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Rather than a coherent article, I offer some insights that have emerged as the war has dragged on.