Year: 2023

Why we’re not celebrating the vindication of our investing principles

Value investors have had a miserable time over the past years. Now that our investing principles are finally being vindicated, you’d expect us to gloat. But Herr Schadenfreude is not a friend of ours.

How Greed and Leverage Destroyed the Crypto Tulip Market – Ep 176

Vitaliy highlights the collapse of FTX, and how this amalgamation of greed, leverage, and naive hope has proven the Crypto Tulip market to be worthless. You can read this article online here: Please read the following important disclosure: 

Music Throughout My Life 2023 – Ep 175

Vitaliy updates listeners about his upcoming trip to India with his daughter Hannah. He is thrilled to speaking at the CFA Society of Mumbai, and he'll then take a tour of few parts of that special country. Next, Vitaliy updates the music that has...

How Greed and Leverage Destroyed the Crypto Tulip Market

Crypto currency was touted as antidote to central banking. But with its own flaws, is the system itself to blame for this crypto market crash?

Holiday Series: Last Time – Ep 174

Think of everything you do in a day. Wake up, take your kids to school, drive to work, eat with your family, enjoy a stroll with your spouse, watch a movie, read a book. At some point, you will do each of those things for the last time. In the second...