Tesla, Elon Musk and
the EV Revolution

An analysis of what’s in store for the man, the company, and the industry by a value investor and newly-minted Tesla owner.

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Mark A.

It’s nice to read a book that captures your attention and a obvious TESLA FAN.
And a very good description of Elon Musk.

Frank O.

A good review from several perspectives of EVs, Elon Musk, Tesla the company, and Tesla the stock. Definitely worth a read, no matter your views of gasoline cars or electric cars. This book covers the critical issues involved. There is a good analysis of Tesla stock valuation and possibilities. Full disclosure, I own a 2016 Tesla S with a lot of miles, now quite a bit of stock, and I placed the very first order for the new Tesla S Plaid, which caused quite a bit of confusion with the kids at Tesla.

Jose D.

I compare Tesla EVs to intraocular lenses.For 20 years now I have been a long retired ophthalmologist. When I was actively in practice, I was among a few eye surgeons who started implanting artificial intraocular lenses to replace cataracts in the 1970s. The establishment called those early medical devices “intraocular time bombs.” Now they are universally accepted as one of the greatest medical innovations of all time. EVs as presented by Elin Musk, in my opinion, will be those artificial intraocular lenses to present day transportation needs.

Grossman S.

Vitality breaks down the complex world of EV vehicles and what the future may look like in an way to understand way. A great read on how teams has a leg up on their “competitors”, what they need to do to maintain it all while fostering the industry to grow. Also he does a nice job shedding light on who Elon Musk is and who he could be. Overall a nice read.

Aline Z.

This is a well-researched analysis of Tesla’s vehicles, their components and use of technology. The author compares the company to Apple and examines the differences and parallels to try to envision where Tesla will end up — a market leader of electric vehicles (EVs) or something less? Recommended for anyone who wants to understand the potential of EVs or what the Tesla driving experience is like.

Vitaliy is a smart guy and a seasoned investor. Everything he puts out is thoughtful, balanced and insightful. He has done his homework and gives a strong overview of the issues involved in understanding Tesla and the transition to EV. If you are an investor who owns and or is considering owning Tesla stock, his book is worth a read.

This book is a remarkable piece of analytics. The evaluation of the vehicle, the company, and the future of EVs is well written and well thought out. I rarely read or value the work of “stock pickers” but this is a whole different piece of work. Brilliantly done

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