Value Investing Explained

A free curriculum for college students

Learn what value investing is, how it could be
applied to real-world stocks, and what to do if
you want to make it your career.

Ever wonder how value
investors like Warren Buffett
or Ben Graham invest?

This guided collection of my best articles, book
excerpts, and podcast episodes will help you
understand their investing strategy and how it
could be applied to modern markets.

Table of Contents

Start Here:

Letter to a Young Investor: advice I’d give myself upon graduation, including:

  • How to know if an investing career is for you
  • Which investment approach you should adopt
  • How to start investing and hone your skills
  • How to stand out from your peers

Quick Reads:

The values of value investing

  • Buffett & Munger’s 3 dimensions of value investing
  • Why value investing is not just about cheap stocks

What will the stock market do next?

  • Is this a question you should be asking?
  • How to approach the market so that you don’t freak out every time it takes a dive

How a stock market turns investors into gamblers

  • How the nature of the stock market can cause you to make emotional decisions
  • What you should do to stay rational

Want to be a better investor? Stop staring at your portfolio

  • What the constant ups and downs of the market really mean
  • How to stay rational despite them

Value Investing Explained (Longer Reads):

Tevye Was a Rich Man: asset valuation explained using a milk cow and a Jewish farmer (a chapter from The Little Book of Sideways Markets, written by yours truly)

  • How to calculate the value of an asset
  • How to determine a good buy price for the asset
  • How not to get swindled by market ups and downs

The 6 Commandments of Value Investing: a complete overview value investing theory, as well as how we apply it in real life at IMA

  • How to maximize your investing IQ
  • What the real investing risk is (hint: it’s not volatility) and how we deal with it
  • How to stack investing odds in your favor

Hands-on Value Investing (Stock/industry analysis):

Value Investing Case Studies: 4 companies that were hated when we bought them, our reasoning behind the decision, and how it all turned out

McKesson: Why we think this was an excellent buy despite Amazon’s entry into the industry and the opioid lawsuits

The Next Google: our analysis of an emerging new market and the company that we think will dominate it… not a “traditional” value investor’s pick


Tesla, Elon Musk, and the EV Industry: an in-depth analysis of the man, the company, and the industry they’re disrupting, including:

  • Why EVs are not just a new type of car, but a paradigm shift for the industry
  • How Elon’s dreams finance Tesla’s growth, but the company’s future success might not be in his hands
  • Why the survival of ICE auto makers may not be as certain as it seems
  • Tesla’s Autopilot: Elon’s wishful thinking of Tesla’s greatest advantage?
  • How EV range anxiety will give way to a new gold rush
  • Bulls vs bears on Tesla: who has it right?
  • Is Tesla the new Apple or the new Theranos?
  • Bonus: Are EVs green & what’s the future of oil?

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