Month: August 2022

A Value Investor’s Analysis of Student Loan Forgiveness

A Value Investor’s Analysis of Student Loan Forgiveness

Individual impact aside, Biden’s student loan forgiveness will also affect the US currency and economy. Here’s how we see it as value investors.

Putin: The Mask is Off. Europe is Next. – Ep 162

Vitaliy writes his most honest and grim take on the Ukraine war yet. Whereas before there was a veil of pretense about what Putin's war in Ukraine was about (NATO, "denazification"), that pretense is now gone. Vitaliy shares why this is a war of...

The Business Brew Podcast Interview

This special episode features Vitaliy's conversation with Bill Brewster on The Business Brew Podcast. They have a wide-ranging conversation that includes Tesla, tribalism in investing, inflation, how Vitaliy uses macro, the Dotcom 2.0 crash, and more....

Why we bought more Uber shares as the stock fell

Why we bought more Uber shares as the stock fell

Despite being a very controversial choice, we believe Uber stock is still a great investment and have bought more on its way down. Here’s why.

COVID, Inflation, and Value Investing: Answers to “Millenial Investing” – Ep 161

Vitaliy was so inspired by the questions from his Millennial Investing Interview, he decided to sit down and elaborate on them. In this podcast, Vitaliy shares how COVID has changed value investing, what makes a company great, and the impact of China...

Why Value Investing Requires Thoughtful Arrogance

You need arrogance as a value investor, but it can also be your downfall. So how do you master the psychological side of value investing?

The trip to Europe that wasn’t about Europe

As I am looking back at this trip, it was really not about Europe, the lakes, the ice cream that we had every evening, or the museums. The best experiences were the conversations we shared while we strolled the streets or had over dinner.

Hidden Forces Interview with Demetri Kofinas

In this Special Episode, Vitaliy speaks with Demetri Kofinas, the host of Hidden Forces, a podcast that gives its listeners an edge by teaching them how to think critically about the systems of power structuring our world. In it, Vitaliy speaks about...