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Why Value Investing Requires Thoughtful Arrogance

You need arrogance as a value investor, but it can also be your downfall. So how do you master the psychological side of value investing?
See more Clearly with these two mental models

See More Clearly With These Two Mental Models

I’m a big fan of mental models. They allow you to think through analogy, often folding complex concepts into simple ones and transporting them from one discipline to another. They’re thinking shortcuts. If you arm yourself with mental models, you’ll often see what others don’t.
Value and growth demagogues

Value & Growth Demagogues

I have a problem with both value- and growth investing demagogues. While value demagogues tend to believe any company that trades at a P/E above the market average is too frothy, growth demagogues claim that price doesn’t matter.
Being A Father

Being A Father

What’s better: leaving your children with $100M after you pass away, or leaving them with fond memories of your time together? Sparked by an unexpected comment from a millionaire’s son, I ponder this question.

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