Intellectual Investor Podcast

I am launching something new: the Intellectual Investor Podcast. It has been in the works for a few months, and I cannot wait for you to hear it.

Intellectual Investor Podcast

I have exciting news to share with you!

I am launching something new: the Intellectual Investor Podcast. It has been in the works for a few months, and I cannot wait for you to hear it.

Let me tell you how this podcast came about.

I wanted to create my own podcast for a long time. Actually, no – my marketing guru, Anton, wanted me to create a podcast for a long time. I never saw myself as a podcaster. I’d tell him, I’m an investor who thinks through writing – that is why I write. Anton would always push back, which happens to be one of his best qualities. He’d argue that a podcast would allow me to reach a wider audience. People who don’t have time to read would listen to my podcast on the way to work or in the gym. It would help existing readers, too, as some of my articles get very lengthy. As much as I liked the idea, the podcast also required something from me that I did not have: time – a commodity that lately I have been treasuring above all else.

Thus, this conversation never went anywhere for a few years.

And then…

The Optimal Living Daily podcast took (with my permission) one of my articles and turned it into a podcast by simply having a professional narrator read it out loud. I shared it with my readers, and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

Two ideas came out of this: First, my articles can be turned into a podcast – they could be the sole content of the podcast. And second, someone else – a professional narrator – could read my articles. You benefit because listening to almost anyone but me narrating my articles is a much better experience. Anton went through fifty voice-over artists before he picked Elliott, a talented Canadian from Newfoundland.

Anton and my IMA team put everything together. I only had to do a few things:

First, I asked my brother Alex to draw a title picture for the podcast. Alex gave me a generous amount of hair – thank you, Alex!

Second, I selected my favorite articles to be read aloud. The inaugural article is a chapter excepted from The Intellectual Investor – the book I am still working on. The chapter is titled “Six Commandments of Value Investing.”  We’ll add new articles to the podcast on value investing, classical music, and life immediately as I write them. Expect one episode a week.

Third, I had to select music for the podcast. That was more difficult than I thought. For copyright reasons I could not just use any published music, but only music that was licensable for podcasts. The selection of classical music I could buy was incredibly limited, thus I could not go with Tchaikovsky or Rachmaninoff and pay tribute to my Russian heritage.

The intro music you’ll hear is Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata movement 3. The music you’ll hear in the outro is Edward Elgar’s “Nimrod,” from Enigma Variations. (My original choice was Chopin’s Prelude 4 in E minor – but both my wife and Anton told me it sounded too depressing – you decide).

My awesome team at IMA did everything else.

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I really hope you enjoy it.

Please read the following important disclosure here.

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